Sunday, October 25, 2020

You'll Love This All Natural Honey Based Skin Care

I received these products from PhilanthroBee for review.  If you are looking for skin care products that are made with natural ingredients, are gentle on your skin and will give you the results you dream of, these products are for you.  Whether for yourself, or someone on your gift list, you'll be amazed how effective PhilanthroBee is.

The Bee-Cause Body Bar is priced at $38.00 and is perfect for all skin types. 
When your skin feels tight, flaky, itchy or angrily inflamed, the last thing you want is to layer chemically treated thick creams on top of your skin.  That’s why the BeeCause Body Bar works with your body heat to melt into your skin, using the power of natural bee products to soothe, replenish moisturize, promote skin health and protect against damage.  Organic raw honey, unrefined  beeswax, and bee propolis that's harvested right from PhilathroBee's hives in California, are medicinal by nature.  They penetrate deep for lasting moisture and then create a bacteria fighting barrier to lock in hydration and protect your skin from irritation.  With its melty texture and creamy color, BeeCause Body Bar feels like it just bee-longs on your skin.  You can also get the Bee-Cause Mini Travel Bar for $11.00 so you will be able to use this awesome soap no matter where you are.


The Hive Bath Bomb is priced at $12.50 and is suitable for all skin types.  Your skin is your protector as you move through the world, standing bee-tween you and all the bad stuff out there.  Thankfully, your skin is pretty flexible, resilient and self healing.  But all of that protecting does take a toll.  So, why not say thank you to your skin once in a while?  Take a soak with the nourishing Hive Bath Bomb, lovingly made with organic honey powder from hives in California, as well as colloidal oatmeal, therapeutic salts, natural essential oils and cocoa butter antioxidants.  The extra large size makes for an extra frothy and extra long lasting experience.

The Bee-Ch Facial Clarifying Mask is priced at $56.00 and is suitable for all skin types.  This
facial mask cleanser gently draws out toxins and debris that accumulate in your pores throughout the week - from the pollutants floating through city air, to the germs and oils you deposit onto your skin every time you touch your face.  While white kaolin clay and activated bamboo charcoal do the hard detoxifying work, raw organic honey, propolis and rich infusions of jojoba, vitamin E, oat extracts and rose-hip oil infuse your skin with moisture and nutrients.  You won’t bee-lieve how healthy and refreshed your skin feels afterward, never tight or dry.


The BEE-rush Mini Vegan Facial Brush is priced at $8.50 an it's a perfect addition to your beauty tools.  These little brushes are made with renewable materials, such as the beautifully hand crafted bamboo handles, as well as recycled metals and fibers, making this brush both environmental friendly, and cruelty free.

The Gold Honey Facial Spatula is priced at $4.50 and is a must have tool for your skin care routine.  These little spatulas were harvested out of recycled alloy, crafted into these tiny tools, and dipped into a beautiful gold finish. Gold Honey facial spatulas have buzzed right into the hive to home products, and will bee-come a permanent sustainable tool in the farm to table skin care collection.

All of these products are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.  Anyone who uses PhilanthroBee will feel happily pampered.

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