Saturday, October 24, 2020

A Tea Lovers Dream with Custom Labels

I received these products from The Tea Can Company for review.  This is the online destination for custom tea labeling.  Perfect for any gift occasion, give a gift of delicious tea with a personalized label.  The Tea Can Company has a large selection of teas, over 40 delicious flavors ranging from Orange Almond Black Tea to Moroccan Mint Green Tea and everything in between!  They also have several varieties of HempTea.  Choose a predesigned label, or customize your own to make it extra special and memorable.

Their newest line of tea is one of the best sellers and comes highly recommended.  With more people choosing to take a more natural path towards health and healing, The Tea Can Company’s HempTea is an effective alternative to painkillers, prescription drugs and over the counter medications that contain harsh chemical compounds.  HempTea comes in two strengths, High Strength and Mild Strength, and various flavors.  These HempTeas contain no THC and it's very beneficial to your health.

My own personal favorites come from the Candy Shop line.  These all natural candy teas are decadently delicious.  Do you remember going to carnivals and fairs as a kid and eating colorful and freshly spun cotton candy?  Well, this Candy Shop Cotton Candy Tea tastes just like it.  But unlike the sweet treat you enjoy at the fair, this tea doesn't have all of the calories, so go ahead and indulge yourself and enjoy the classic cotton candy flavor.

Another delicious flavor from the Candy Shop line is Candy Shop Coconut Joy Tea.  The
delectable blend of heavenly Coconut and distinctive Ceylon Black Tea will remind you of the classic candy bar – minus the calories.

The other flavors from the Candy Shop line are Chocolate Bon Bon, Lemon Drop, Mint Twist, Boardwalk Taffy and Cherry Cordial.  Each one tastes very much like its namesake.  So if you are a tea drinker who has a bit of a sweet tooth for classic candies, drinking these teas will let you avoid the calories as you enjoy the flavors that you love.

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