Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Try these great games over the holidays

I received these products from Amigo Games for Review.  Visit their website to view their full selection of games.  All Amigo Games are available at most major retailers and on Amazon.  You can use the STORE FINDER on the Amigo Games website to find a store near you that carries them.

Code Stack! has a suggested retail price of $14.99.  This 1-8 player game is recommended for age 6 and over and the average game time is 15 minutes. 
Everyone plays at once, racing to figure out the other players words.  It features bonus gameplay versions that are all designed for kids and parents to play on equal terms.

There’s a problem with family word games...the player who knows the most words usually wins.  But Code Stack! is designed for people of different ages and vocabularies (like parents and kids) to play together.  To play, just stack up the colorful discs to make words in a simple code, then race to figure out your opponents’ words.  Young players guess shorter words and older players guess longer words, so it’s not how many words you know that matters.  Code Stack! features rules for four games (including solitaire), all using the same clever coding system.  Can you crack the code?

The components of Code Stack! include 28 colorful letter discs, 8 code cards and illustrated instructions.  This is a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family, regardless of the age differences!

Fruit Punch has a suggested retail price of $9.99.  This 2-6 player game is recommended for ages 5 and over.  The average game time is 15 minutes.  Features a squishy banana shaped squeaker and is an excellent tool to improve counting and math skills.

In one of the world’s top selling games, players inspect the cards as they’re flipped to find five of the same fruit, then race to squeak the banana.  It’s a full on fruit frenzy!  Kids love the fast pace of this game and the excitement of the race.

Each game comes with 56 cards, a squeaky banana and the instructions.  It's easy to learn and is great for kids with a competitive nature.

Connect The Thoughts has a suggested retail price of $12.99.  This 2-4 player game is recommended for ages 5 and over and has an average game time of 15 minutes.  Every player plays on every turn, so there's no waiting between turns.  It has two levels of play that extends the age range and value as it hones visual recognition skills.

Connect the Thoughts starts as a matching game and ends as a thinking game as players collect cards that connect.  Each player places one card face up, then races to find other cards with a matching image.  Once kids have mastered this version, they switch from matching to making connections.  Are they both birds?  Do they have the same color?  Do they start with the same letter?  In both versions, the first player to line up seven cards wins.

Each Connect The Thoughts game comes with 80 cards, a bell and instructions.  It's easy to learn and kids love to play it! 

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