Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Books make great stocking stuffers

I received these books from Dr. Cherrye S. Vasquez.  She's the author and strong anti-bully advocate behind Books That Sow.  These books are all available on the Books That Sow website, and also on Amazon.  These books make great stocking stuffers, as well as additions to your homeschool curriculum.

The Christmas Swap ($11.99):  Was Mrs. Claus hearing things?  Did Santa Claus really want to swap jobs with her this year?  The elves were not alone in their disbelief.  The elves, Ms. Mati, Ms. Carli and even Santa’s dog, Louis, seemed puzzled, too.  Follow the pages of this cute little Christmas tale, and you too will wonder - What in North Pole was Santa thinking?

Santa's Super Sleigh ($14.99):  Did Ms. Carli hear what she thought she heard?  What were those reindeer plotting?  Of course they meant well, but would they change Santa's magical ride forever?  Tag along and discover what Santa's loyal reindeer are up to and how Ms. Carli and Ms. Mati saved the day!

Teacher, Teacher, Can't You See? ($11.99): 
Everyone gets excited about the first few days of school - meeting the teacher and making friends especially.  The teacher is busy doing all the wonderful things teachers do - preparing reading and math lessons and more - but doesn't notice a problem in her classroom.

Crisscross Applesauce ($11.99): 
The teacher was shocked to learn that the girls were bickering amongst themselves.  Pinching?  Spitting?  Pulling braided ponytails?  Oh no!  Could there be a bully in the learning group?  Once the teacher realized the girls weren't using their classroom manners, there just had to be a share-pair social skills lesson and discussion of how to get along, play fair, and care for one another.

A Bully Blueprint ($15.99): 
With bullying on the rise, and the scares which many times accompany these letdowns, have you ever just wanted clear, step by step solutions to help wipe out oppressive behaviors?  If so, you will want a copy of this bully guide for parents and educators.

Guess What?  Dear Diary,
Author, writer and illustrator of this diary desires a fun and exciting way for young girls to write about their greatest accomplishments, personal feelings and fears.  As young girls grow up, they will have their share of life's problems, diversity issues, and more, but writing can be soothing for the mind and soul.

Affirmation Daybook Journal ($12.95): 
This Affirmation Daybook was designed by the writer, and added to her line of journal books as a tool to inspire affirmation and empowerment within children.  Dr. Cherrye maintains that affirmations and the use of self fulfilling prophecy techniques can change the focus of what children do, what they want to do, or what they hope to do.

Diversity Daybook Journal ($12.95):  This DIVERSITY DAYBOOK was designed so that students can journal about their individuality and special qualities that makes them unique and worthy as citizens in our diverse society. Diversity awareness is important in our society because it helps children unlearn stereotypes, so the writer wants you to add this one to your line of journal books.

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