Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Stylish safety essentials in one convenient kit

I received this product from Simple Satch for review.  They offer starter kits, face masks, belt bags and sanitizers.  With all the worry and concern over Covid19, people are being more conscientious about avoiding germs by washing their hands more, wearing face masks and carrying sanitizing wipes to disinfect a surface before they touch it.  Simple Satch offers everything you need to practice good hygiene when you're out and about, making it convenient, while remaining stylish.  It's a perfect back to school item for a teen girl or a college student.  Simple Satch even donates 10% of all sales to the charity of the customer's choice.  That's right, when you check out, YOU get to choose where the donation from your order goes. 

You can purchase each of their hygienic products separately on their website, but I received a Starter Kit for this review.  This Starter Kit is priced at $50, that's $12-$17 less than you would pay if you purchased each product separately, so it's well worth it.  Each kit contains a belt bag, mask, hand sanitizer and antibacterial sanitizing wipes.  The belt bag only comes in black, but the masks come in several different colors and designs.


The Belt Bag is sleek and sporty and priced at $38.  It features a patent pending hidden port design to access your sanitizing wipes from the exterior of the bag.  You simply pull the wipes through the port when you need need to open your bag to get a wipe.  It will let you go about your day completely hands free.  The bag is big enough to hold your phone, wallet, keys and all of your hygienic essentials for when you are on the go.  And it's made of a nylon fabric that is water resistant and easy to wipe clean, so it's perfect for every day use.

The Belt Bag measures 7.5" x 2" x 5" and can be worn around the waist, cross body or on your back.  The belt strap is adjustable, measuring up to 42".  There's an internal zippered compartment that is made of waterproof materials to hold the wipes securely.  It also has an internal mess pocket to hold necessities, an essentials pocket to hold a small wallet, keys and hand sanitizer, and an external zippered pocket for additional storage. 

The CDC recommends a safety first policy to wear non-medical protective face coverings, so Simple Satch has created a soft, reusable Face Mask that has a pocket for a replaceable PM2.5 filter.  For $15-$20 (depending on the mask you choose) you get a mask and one disposable filter.  If worn daily, it is recommended that you replace the filter at least every 7 days to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The Face Mask provides you with functional protection, yet remains stylish.  It has a built in adjustable nose bridge that provides a snug fit, and soft, adjustable ear elastics that make the mask comfortable.  Made from cotton and polyester, this face mask covering is chic and comfortable!

Now that clean is the new cool, nearly everyone carries a bottle of Hand Sanitizer with them.  You can stay safe and be well with this fast absorbing hand sanitizer.  Priced at $5 for a 2 fl oz bottle, it's airplane friendly, meets FDA Requirements and is effective at eliminating over 99.9% of germs.  It's perfect for a girl on the go.

Every day is an opportunity for a clean slate, especially with these Antibacterial Hand Wipes.  Designed to conveniently wipe away dirt and germs, these hand wipes are a great alternative when hand soap and water are not within reach.  The exciting part is that these wipes fit perfectly inside the Simple Satch belt bag and are easy to access through its patent pending external wipe dispenser.  Each resealable pouch contains 15 gently scented, alcohol free wipes and is priced at $4.

Send your teen or college age daughter back to school with a Simple Satch Starter Kit.  She'll have everything she needs to avoid germs and practice good hygiene.  Get one for yourself as well, because this is such an awesome kit!

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