Monday, August 17, 2020

Add a pop of color to your shoes with premium colorful laces

I received these products from Benjo's for review.  Changing the shoelaces in your shoes is a great way to express yourself, especially for kids returning to school.  Show off your own unique style by adding a pop of color to your shoes.  Benjo's has many different colors of laces, for different types of shoes.  All shoelaces are not created equally, but Benjo's laces are top quality at a great price.

Benjo's was born out of necessity rather than a desire to enter the fashion industry.  While the company founder - Ben Hertz - was in Rome, his shoelace broke.  He stumbled upon a pair of red laces, put them in his shoes and hit the streets.  Everywhere he went, people kept asking him where he got his “shoes”.  When it came time to replace that pair of shoes, Ben found it impossible to find red laces for his new shoes anywhere. But he didn't give up.  He found someone to help make them and Benjo’s was born.

This is called Monster's Spit, and it's priced at $8.00.  It is formally referred to as "Italian" Monster's Spit.  Add these to your dress shoes and let it accentuate your tie or scarf.  The laces are 27" long.  Like all Benjo's laces, they are sturdy and durable and look great.  Why wear shoes with ordinary laces when you can add a splash of color and stand out for your own personal style?

Dixon is priced at $9.00 and is 36" long.  Put them in your golf shoes and the orange color will make you stand out on the course.  It's named after the legendary Ticonderoga, and is sure to catch the eye of all the other golfers.  It pairs perfectly with brown, white or other neutral colors.



Hannah Rose will transform an ordinary pair of shoes into a real eye catcher.  Priced at $11.00, they look great in hiking boots.  They're durable enough to endure even your most vigorous hikes, and will look great doing it!  

Visit the Benjo's website and browse their selection of shoelaces.  You're sure to find a pair that fits the personality of every member of your family.  Send your kids back to school in style, while allowing each of them to express their own uniqueness.      

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