Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Ladies, once you try this, you'll never want to go anywhere without it

I received this product from The Pee Pocket for review.  Ladies, think about your last camping trip, those nature hikes in the middle of nowhere that you like to go on, or shopping at the local mall, attending a concert or just traveling.  Do you dread that moment when the urge to use the restroom hits you?  Out in nature there are no restrooms, so you either have to hold it or try to squat.  But that's no fun, it's uncomfortable and can be super messy.  Using a public restroom isn't any better.  They're often so horribly filthy that you don't want to sit on the toilet or touch anything in the stall.  If only it were as easy for women as it is for men...if only women could pee standing up without making a mess.  Well, now we can, thanks to the Pee Pocket!  The Pee Pocket is a single use women's standing urination device that is perfect for athletes, travelers, the elderly, disabled, pregnancy, parents of young girls, post-surgery patients, back to school - anyone who might have to go while on the go!

The Pee Pocket was developed by a team of doctors who were fed up with dirty and unsanitary public bathrooms for their families.  These surgeons developed a single use, disposable and biodegradable women's standing urination device so that everyone can finally take a stand, and avoid unsanitary conditions with the potential for skin infections.

If you don't have access to a clean restroom then the Pee Pocket is a saving grace.  Using a public restroom where hundreds of women have peed before you is never hygienic, and you may just cringe seeing the sight.  We often resort to other solutions such as using a seat protector that keeps falling off, or cleaning the seat and taking matters into our own hands.  Sounds gross, right?  With the Pee Pocket, you don't have to go anywhere near the seat.  No more stressing your thigh muscles by squatting or hovering above the toilet seat.  If you are an adventure enthusiast, you know that restrooms are not available everywhere.  In these situations, ladies usually have to search for privacy and make do the best they can.  But now you can enjoy your outings without wasting time worrying about restrooms.  Just use the Pee Pocket and throw it away after using it.

The Pee Pocket is available in an individual pack for $0.99 so you can try this disposable female urination device and experience hygiene packed with convenience.  It also comes in a 3 pack for $3.99.  Each Pee Pocket comes with a hygienic tissue wipe and a disposable bag.

The demand for The Pee Pocket has been so great by patients that a larger 48 pack carton was developed for hospitals, clinics, and acute/long term care facilities.  Elderly women, post surgical patients (hip, knee, etc.), pregnant women and men who have trouble squatting or bending down to pee have regained their independence to relieve themselves with this product.  The 48 pack is priced at $29.99 and does not come with the tissue wipe and they are not individually wrapped.

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