Friday, May 15, 2020

This book is filled with ideas for screen free stuff to do with your kids!

I received an ebook copy of this book for review.  These days kids spend so much time in front of a screen.  It seems as if they are constantly glued to a TV, smart phone, computer, laptop, etc.  As a Mom, I want to encourage them to find activities that do not involve a screen.  I want them to spend time playing outside, doing crafts, experimenting with new things and just spending time with family or friends.  This book from Team Golfwell is big help in accomplishing that goal because it is filled with ideas for kids to do that do not involve a screen.  It's called Brilliant Screen-Free Stuff To Do With Kids and you can purchase it from Amazon in paperback form for $9.95.

The American Pediatric Association recommends that children need a balance between screen time and other healthy activities.  This quick reference book for parents and grandparents has over 350+ screen free activities to give you fast substitutes to get them away from digital games, tablets, laptops, TV, etc. so they can improve and expand their life.  There are activities to do with children of all ages, toddlers, big kids, pre-teens and teens.  It also features some activities for handicapped, autistic and special needs children.

This book can be used and enjoyed by parents, grandparents and most importantly kids, to get active, refresh themselves, socialize with others, have lots of fun and enjoy a healthier balance life.  The activities are grouped under Chapter headings.  The Chapters are arranged in an alphabetically Directory.  Some of these are:  

How to Get Free Plane Rides for Kids
Ways of Preserving Memories
Toddler Activities
A Large Variety of Indoor and Outdoor Activities
Activities for Handicapped, Autistic and Special Needs Children
Minute to Win It Games
LOL Dancing Games
Creative Pizza Fun
Brainstorming Games
Brainbuster Riddles for the Whole Family to Solve
Pie in the Face Games
Teaching Something Memorable
Evening Activities
Climate Change Awareness Games
Games to Ease Off Tantrums
Kid's Theater and Playwriting
Wizardly Magic Tricks that Kids Can Do Themselves
Outdoor Adventures and the Wonders of Nature
General Science Fun
And much more! 

This book will become your go to reference guide when you need to quickly suggest ideas for activities to keep kids active and interested in order to prevent boredom, irritability and get their minds off of annoying issues.  And most importantly, it will pull them away from sedentary screen activities.

There are complete instructions and descriptions of most activities, but it does refer you to online sites for very detailed or additional information on some of the activities in order to give you the most information without adding too much volume to the book.

You'll find something for everyone in Brilliant Screen-Free Stuff To Do With Kids!  It's filled with activities that the whole family can do together to spend quality time together.  It's the perfect resource for rainy days, family get togethers or any day at all!  My family has certainly made use of it during the quarantine!

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