Thursday, May 14, 2020

Put an end to the itching, pain and swelling caused by insect bites and stings

I received this product from Bite Away for review.  Summer is a time for days at the beach, fishing on the river bank, outdoor grilling, camping trips and just tons of fun in the sun.  But the downside is the bugs.  Mosquitoes, bees, wasps and more can become a major nuisance during summer activities.  And their bites and stings can drive you crazy from the itching, swelling and pain.  But Bite Away provides relief from all of that.  You can purchase this must have product for $39.99.

Bite Away is a safe, convenient and reliable chemical free treatment that offers fast relief from the effects of bug bites.  It is safe for the whole family, even children (from 2 years old when administered by an adult...children 12 and over can use it on their own), expectant mothers and people with sensitive skin.  My daughter is extremely sensitive to bug bites, and this is the only thing that has ever really given her any relief.  It will not take the bite or sting away, but it will give relief for the symptoms.

So, how does this little miracle device work?  It uses heat technology to counter the effects from a bite or sting.  Just place the ceramic contact surface of the Bite Away device on the bite or sting and let it heat up until it reaches a temperature of around 124°F.  This temperature needs to be maintained on the bite or sting for the selected amount of time (about 5 seconds for most, 3 seconds for those with sensitive skin).  It will gently and easily soothe your skin without any harsh chemicals or creams.  If symptoms do not disappear completely, the application can be repeated.  Just be sure to have 2 minute intervals between each application and do not exceed a maximum number of 5 applications per hour on the same bite or sting.

Bite Away is small and compact, about the size of a pen, making it easily portable so you can take it everywhere you go.  It's so easy to use, and gives results fast.  It operates on 2 AA batteries (included) and you can get up to 300 applications before you need to change the batteries.  Once you try this thing, you'll never want to go back to summer life without it!

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