Monday, May 11, 2020

The perfect reusable shopping bag

I received this product from Envirosax for review.  

Often when I'm out and about, I see plastic shopping bags littering the ground.  They are in our parks, they're in our rivers and lakes, they're in the ditches beside almost every road.  And even the ones that are disposed of properly end up filling up the landfills.  You would think there would be a better alternative, wouldn't you?  Well there is.  And it's called Envirosax and it's brilliantly better for the environment.  They are available in a variety of gorgeous colors and designs (I received the design titled "Out of Africa").  You can purchase one Envirosax bag for $10.99, or you can purchase a Pouch that contains 5 bags for $49.99.

Americans use 100 billion plastic bags per year, and many of those bags are used for only 12 minutes.  Only 1% get recycled and the rest end up in landfills or as litter.  Envirosax has been the leader in design led reusable shopping bags since 2004, campaigning against the use of single use plastics.  

These bags are rigorously tested for strength and are printed with eco friendly dyes.  They roll up to a small, compact size that is perfect to carry in your purse or throw in the glove box of your car.  They weigh less than a lipstick, but are stronger than a suitcase!

They open up to a nice sized bag (19.5" x 16.5") that is perfect for groceries or supplies.  And don't worry about your groceries being too heavy for them, they have been load tested to hole more than 44 lbs!  They are made from lightweight, super strong polyester, have reinforced seams and are water resistant. 

Envirosax bags are stylish, you'll love carrying them.  You may even want to use them instead of carrying your purse!  They make a perfect beach bag as well!  They are great to give as gifts!  Your friends will be begging to know where you got them!

If you buy a pouch, you will get 5 shopping bags snuggled inside of a cute little pouch to carry them in.  They are machine washable, so no worries if they get dirty.  Just toss them in the washing machine!

Envirosax bags are the perfect multi purpose bag!  Reduce waste by using them over and over again.  You'll be using them for everything!  Use it for grocery shopping, as a travel bag, beach bag, or just as an every day tote bag!  You'll love Envirosax!

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