Sunday, May 10, 2020

This compact lantern is 3 lights in 1!

I received this product from Jasco for review.  The Enbrighten 3 in 1 Lantern can be purchased from HERE for $11.99.  It is also available on Amazon.   

This lantern is perfect to take along on your next camping trip because it is compact, lightweight and very versatile.  It can be used as a lantern or easily converted into a flashlight or a task light.  It's also available in several different colors, so get one for each family member in their favorite color.

The three in one design incorporates lantern, flashlight and task light features into one compact and easy to use lighting tool.  Use it as a lantern to light your way, or to light the inside of your tent.  It emits a cool bright white light at 200 lumens on high and 100 lumens on low.  It gives you 360° illumination.

Use it as a task light to provide lighting just where you need it for a specific task.  It can be used as a desk light or a spotlight.  It's perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.  This is perfect for emergencies when the power goes out, or if you're traveling and need some light.

You can also use it as a flashlight.  In flashlight mode, it provides 180 lumens.  This product is built with the adventurous individual in mind.  It ensures that you are prepared for the unknown and is perfect for camping, emergency lighting and more.  Never get caught in the dark again!

The lantern runs on three AA batteries (not included), so no electricity is needed.  It is designed in the USA and is created to last!  So shed some light on your adventure with the Enbrighten Three in One Lantern!  It's a versatile, simple to use and extremely durable piece of LED technology.  And it's easy to carry and store.

The impressive compact design combines lantern, flashlight and task light features all in one product.  Use the light switch to turn it on and it will emit a cool bright white light.  You can also select the low, high and flashlight options with the same switch.  It effortlessly transitions between lantern, flashlight and task light with a simple press of a button.  You're going to love it!

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