Monday, May 18, 2020

Cold treats to help your dog beat the heat

I received these products from Puppy Cake for review.  When the weather gets hot, you know how refreshing it is to have a nice cold bowl of ice cream.  Well now your dog can enjoy that same feeling when you give him Hoggin' Dogs.  They are priced at $4.99 each for a small size (2.32 oz), $6.99 for a regular size (4.65 oz), or you can get a sample pack with all 4 flavors in the small size for $14.99.

Hoggin' Dogs is available in 4 different flavors.  Peanut Butter, Bacon, Banana and Cheese.  Now I know some of these flavors sounds odd for ice cream, but your dog will absolutely love it!  Hoggin' Dogs is really simple to make.  You don't even need an ice cream freezer!  Just add water to the mix, give it a good stir and then pop it in the freezer and let it freeze.  It's healthy and completely safe for your dog to enjoy while you enjoy your own ice cream!  Your dog will find it decadently delicious and will love you for it.  No need to tell him how simple it is to make or that it's actually a healthy snack for him.  Go ahead...tell him how hard you worked to make it for him!  He'll never know the difference and I promise I won't tell!

If you can't decide which flavor to get for your dog, why not get all 4 for the price of 3 with this variety sample pack?  Each flavor comes in a sensibly portioned cup and you add the water and mix it up right in the cup.  Then you place the cup in the freezer and let it freeze.  

Hoggin' Dogs is all natural, grain free and made in the U.S.A.  It has real whole milk, no grains, no soy, no corn and no sugar is added.  It's an all natural treat for your dog!  The mix has a stable shelf life of 12 months.  So keep some on hand and give your dog a cold refreshing treat throughout the hot summer months!

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