Sunday, February 9, 2020

Your Valentine will love this Love Bracelet!

I received this product from Innovate Supplies (offered by their brand Amogha Collections) for review.  Your Valentine is sure to love this beautiful bracelet!  So if you are looking for a gift idea for a special lady in your life, please consider the Love Flower Bracelet.  It's available in two styles:  a heart shaped bracelet and an oval shaped bracelet. 

This Heart shaped Love Flower Bracelet is the perfect way to say "I love you" to your Valentine.  And with a price of $21.99, it is very affordable.  The hand made heart shaped pendant holds a real pressed flower encompassed by luminous crystal like rhinestones.  The pendant was specially handcrafted using an advanced technique of flower preservation.  A real orchid is encased in transparent resin.  The flower is in full bloom with all of its petals visible, symbolizing eternal love.  It has 4 round cut Cubic Zirconia stones on each side of the pendant.  The chain is a Rhodium Plated Brass Slider Chain.  It's nickel free and strong, yet light weight.  The smooth sliding buckle makes it easy to put on and take off and to adjust it to fit your wrist.  It will adjust to a circumference of 10.4 inches.  

The Oval shaped Love Flower Bracelet is also priced at $21.99.  The only real difference between this beautiful bracelet and the Heart shaped one is the shape of the pendant.  It is made with the same nickel free Rhodium Plated Brass Slider Chain, the round cut Cubic Zirconia stones and the pendant holds a real orchid flower encased in transparent resin.  Either style of this exquisite bracelet would be a well loved and much appreciated gift for the ladies in your life (wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, etc.).

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