Sunday, February 9, 2020

Show your dog some love this Valentine's Day!

I received these products from DogTV for review.  Isn't it a great feeling knowing that your dog loves you unconditionally no matter what?  And he shows it every single day.  He's always there to give you reassuring snuggles just when you need them.  He's happy to see you come home, and sad to see you leave.  He's your best friend, your confidante, your protector and your faithful sidekick.  So why not show him some extra love this Valentine's Day to let him know how much he means to you?

This is the Date Night With Your Dog Gift Pack.  It is available from DogTV for $29.99.  It includes several items that will show your Dog how much you love him.  It has a champagne toy, love letters, heart treats, a heart shaped treat ball and some great TV to create the perfect "date night" at home with your faithful companion.

This Valentine's Day Mail Box filled with Love Letters by Zippy Paws is a $14 value.  Your dog will love playing with these toys.  They squeak too!  You can also stuff the mailbox full of treats to give your dog a challenge with a tasty reward!

Brut Rose Chompagne by Lulubelles Power Plush is a $12 value.  Watch your dog get excited when he hears the squeaking noise that comes from the soft bottle as he bites into it.  

These 100% Natural Smile Treats are made in the U.S.A are an $8 value.  These dental treats are made with calcium rich milk and crunchy organic apples.  They will help maintain healthy teeth and gums for your dog, while giving him fresher breath.  And fresher breath equals more enjoyable doggie kisses!

This Orbee Tuff Nooks Ball by Planet Dog is a $12 value.  Stuff it full of 2.5" treats (the 100% Natural Smile treats are perfect for it!) and let your dog work to get them out so he can eat them.  The ball is doggie durable, bouncy and made in the U.S.A.!

Also included in this gift pack is a 1 month subscription to DogTV, which is a $9.99 value!  DogTV is the first 24/7 TV channel for dogs.  Scientifically developed and pup approved, it was created exclusively for canines and the humans who love them.  DogTV's programming helps stimulate, relax, entertain and habituate your dog with exposure to various sights, sounds, objects and experiences from a dog's point of view.  This will result in a confidant, happy dog who is less likely to develop stress, separation anxiety or other related problems.

DogTV was developed by world leading pet industry experts.  It was created following three years of research on dog's vision, hearing and behavior.  The content was tested by Professor Nicholas Dodman (Tufts University).  DogTV is proven to be a valuable tool for home enrichment and has been backed by Victoria Stillwell, renowned trainer and host of Animal Planet's "It's Me or the Dog", Dr. Marty Becker ("America's Veterinarian") and more! 

So show your dog some love this Valentine's Day with this Date Night With Your Dog Gift Pack.  Your dog will love you for it!

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