Sunday, January 12, 2020

This stuff is so delicious!

I received these products from Burl Barley Granola for review.  I know I included this in my Holiday Gift Guide, but this stuff is so good that it deserves another mention!  This granola contains barley instead of oats.  Barley is an amazing ancient grain that is often overlooked.  It's packed with nutrition and wonderfully delicious.  And it's good for you.  Burl Barley Granola is tastes so good thanks to the barley.  Barley has an amazing flavor with a nutty note and a hint of sweetness.  You can purchase Burl Barley Granola HERE for $5.95 per 8 oz. package.

Burl Barley Granola contains no artificial flavors or preservatives and they keep the ingredient list simple.  So you can feel good avout what you and your loved ones eat.  Whole grain barley is a wonderful source of nutrition.  It has less phosphorus than oats (which makes it kidney friendly) and it is also low glycemic.  Each serving of Burl Barley Granola provides 38 grams of whole grain rolled barley.  Kids love the great taste, parents love the great nutrition. 

The Burl Barley Maple Syrup & Pecan Is actually my favorite.  it is PACKED with pieces of real pecans, so much so that you get several in every single bite.  And the maple syrup flavor perfectly complements it.  With each mouthful, you get the already nutty sweet flavor of barley mixed with real pecans.  And all of that awesome flavor is wrapped up in the flavors of real maple syrup, cinnamon and real vanilla extract that makes it taste like Heaven in your mouth.

Even though Maple Syrup & Pecan is my favorite, the Cranberry flavored one is equally delicious.  The gentle nutty taste of barley mingling with the sweet tartness of cranberries dances on your tongue to the music of honey, rich cinnamon and real vanilla extract.  There are so many cranberries in it that you get several with each bite.

Cookies I made with Burl Barley Maple & Pecan Granola, M&M's and Kraft Caramels.

Cookies I make with Burl Barley Cranberry Granola, M&M's and Kraft Caramels.
Burl Barley is so versatile, you can eat it in many different ways.  It's great straight from the bag as a snack, in a bowl of milk like cereal, heated up like oatmeal, in cookies and many other recipes.  There is even a RECIPE page on the Burl Barley website.  Use it to make delicious and wholesome Valentine's Day and Easter treats.  The natural sweetness of the barley means you can use much less sugar, which is always a good thing.  Go ahead and try know you want to!

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