Thursday, December 19, 2019

Burl Barley Granola is a delicious healthier snack

I received these products from Burl Barley Granola for review.  Burl Barley Granola started simply as a homemade granola recipe to share with family and friends.  It's had some fine tuning done to it since then, and it tastes delicious.  Barley is a wonderful whole grain source that has less phosphorus than oats (kidney-friendly!) and is low glycemic.  You can purchase Burl Barley Granola HERE for $5.95 per package.

When I received my samples of Burl Barley Granola, I expected to like it, but I didn't really expect to think it was anything overly special.  Boy was I wrong!  This stuff it absolutely delicious!  My daughter was the first to try it.  And once she tried it, I had trouble getting her to stop eating it.  She was eating it by the handsful straight out of the bag and kept telling me how good it was.  So I tried it for myself and was amazed!  It is perfectly flavored and sweetened, with real dried cranberries in the cranberry variety, and real pecans in the maple syrup and pecan variety.  And I'm not talking about a sparse scattering of fruit or nuts, this stuff is FULL of it.  You get some in every single bite.  

This is Maple Syrup & Pecan flavored, and it is my favorite of the two flavors.  It is made with rolled barley, real maple syrup and tasty pecan pieces.  They took the nutty sweet flavor of rolled barley and added mouth watering pecan pieces for extra wholesomeness.  Then they wrapped it all in the warm flavors from real maple syrup, cinnamon, and real vanilla extract.  Good ingredients, mixed just right and resulting in amazing granola!

This is the Cranberry flavored, which is my daughter's favorite.  It is made with dried cranberries, real honey and delicious rolled barley.  The flavor of rolled barley with dried sweetened cranberries is amazing.  The gentle nutty taste of barley mingling with the sweet tartness of the cranberries goes together so well.  Add to that the natural sweetness of the honey, the rich flavor of the cinnamon, and real vanilla extract. It's soooo good!

Cookies made with Burl Barley Granola Maple Syrup & Pecans, M&M's and Kraft Caramels cut into small pieces.  YUM!

Cookies made with Burl Barley Granola Cranberry, M&M's and Kraft Caramels cut into small pieces.  Delicious!

I used some of my Burl Barley Granola to make cookies, with the help of my kids.  I used my recipe for oatmeal cookies and just substituted the barley granola for the oats.  I used about half the usual amount of sugar because the granola is already sweet.  I cut up a few Kraft caramels and added to each batch, and I added some M&M's, and these were the best cookies ever!  You can see the pecans and cranberries in my photos of the cookies.  That all came from the barley granola.  I didn't add any extra, just used what was already included.  

Burl Barley Granola was a HUGE hit in my family.  And it makes a wonderful healthier snack than those sugar laden treats.  And it tastes AMAZING!  Add it to your Christmas menu for breakfast, as a snack, or use it in those sweet recipes instead of oats! 

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