Sunday, January 12, 2020

These products will leave your skin looking and feeling young, REFRESHED,, RENEWED and REVIVED

I received these products from Cannatera for review.  Cannatera is pure, clean and responsible!  Nothing matters more to your skin than this!  Cannatera is a brand that utilizes nature's best assets.  It's highly concentrated with cannabinoid rich extract which is an ingredient known to fight against aging, protect against free radicals and keep the skin calm.  These Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Extracts are 100% THC free.  Each and every active ingredient was chosen to leave your skin beautifully hydrated with a balanced glow.  

The Cannatera Ageless System is a bundled trio of products that you can purchase for $149.  It contains everything you need to keep your facial skin looking young, clean, moisturized and revived.  This system is made up of 3 different products:  REFRESH Cleanser, RENEW Moisturizer and REVIVE Facial Serum.  You can also purchase these products singly, as described below.

REFRESH Anti Aging Facial Cleanser can be purchased for $39.  This cleansing gel is a smooth and refreshing way to start your daily skincare routine!  It's infused with hemp extract with hints of lavender.  It will rid your skin of impurities and leave it feeling smooth and supple.  Several other fruit extracts are also infused into this cleanser, such as pomegranate and citrus.  This gives it a rich and exotic texture that you will love.  With anti aging properties, this cleanser will keep your skin looking young and vibrant, while it brings life back into your cheeks.  The hemp and lavender have balancing properties for calming relief for those with inflammation and age accelerating stresses such as free radical defense.  And the rejuvenating properties will bring youth and vitality to your skin's tired pores, as you treat yourself to a spa treatment at home!  This fresh and unique product that utilizes the wonderful properties of the hemp plant will be a treat for you skin.  See for yourself how the wonders of CBD infusion can make a difference in your skin today!         

RENEW Anti Aging Face Moisturizer can be purchased for $69.  This is a rich, velvety anti aging moisturizer that was created to renew your complexion.  It has luxurious blends of antioxidants that feature Hemp Seed Oil, Pomegranate, Sunflower and Carrot.  It is formulated to prevent accelerated aging by creating a guard against pollutants and inflammatory triggers.  It's infused with Avocado and Shea to create the perfect moisturizing agent and enhance your skin's moisture barrier, while Lavender and Peony protect against future breakouts.  After using this, your skin will look and feel soft, supple and luminous.    

REVIVE Anti Aging Facial Serum can be purchased for $79.  This all in one facial serum was formulated to revitalize your skin.  It will increase cell turnover, resurface the skin and reduce breakouts while keeping inflammation at bay.  It contains plant extracts to help against UV damage and blue light induced skin damage.  The potent active ingredients resurrect your skin, leaving it soft, supple and blemish free.

As mentioned earlier, these products are infused with CBD, as well as other oils and extracts.  Cannabidiols are a composite of more than 113 compounds that are found in the Cannabis species.  These compounds perform specific functions in the Endo-Cannabinoid system.  By creating a product that activates the plant molecules to find the endo-receptors on the cells of the skin, in order to go to work and make improvements by healing unhealthy cells and regenerating skin cells, they have provided the fast track to healthy, glowing skin that anyone would feel good about!  When you consider that these products are naturally sourced from a plant that is known to produce 4 times the oxygen of any other plant on the planet, and the only plant that will remediate toxins from the soil, it makes absolute sense that Cannatera is a ground breaking product.  A product that not only will make you feel good about your face, but its sales will also impact the environment and planet in the bigger picture as more hemp is produce more manufacture more skin care products like Cannatera.

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