Saturday, December 14, 2019

The ultimate weapon for a zombie apocalypse!

I received this product from Redneck Roadkill Remote Control for review.  Redneck Roadkill makes working battery operated RC trucks that feature the authentic looks of a beat-up jalopy.  Complete with rusted fenders, hand weathered body paint (no two trucks are the same), custom grill, beefy tires, working suspension, license plates, bumper stickers and truck “ding” decals to customize your rig.

Zombie Roadkill Escape - 360 Crane Decapitator ($32.95):  In the event of a zombie apocalypse, this truck would be the perfect weapon to use against a zombie hoard.  This truck features the looks of rusted chunks of salvage yard scrap, diamond plated front grill Impaler and protective louvered windows.   Thanks to the revolving 360 Crane Decapitator with axe dangler, the zombies will never be able to even get close to you!  It mauls zombies, meatheads and shufflers by the z-load!  The Crane Decapitator is “free floating” so the operation motion of the truck makes it spin around, taking down any zombies that are in its path.  

Full function remote controller drives front, back, left and right in order to make your zombie escape.  It's a Collectible size of 1:24 scale, 2.4 GHz.  It is Battery Operated, you need 4 AAA for truck and 2 AA for remote controller – they are not included with the truck).  

The truck comes with 20 stand up killer Zombies and bumper stickers.  This is a great for toy for kids of all ages…and also for hobby enthusiasts.

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