Saturday, December 14, 2019

This Stainless Steel Beer Glass will keep your drink at the perfect temperature with zero condensation.

I received this product from Snowfox for review.  These drink specific styles are sleek and lightweight, easy to hold and have the right amount of insulation to keep your favorite drink cold to the last sip.  Thin rimmed like fine crystal for the best drinking experience, they are the only stainless steel glasses designed for indoor and outdoor entertaining.

From the TV room to a pool party, the stainless steel of this beer mug makea this an ideal indoor/outdoor glass.  It’ll hold 16 ounces of your brew, but it’s shatterproof, doesn't sweat and keeps beer or any beverage at the right temperature from start to finish.  It is also available in a 22 ounce size.

Its vacuum insulated stainless steel keeps beer and all your favorite drinks cold while the double walled design prevents condensation.  It never needs a coaster and your hands stay dry.  It's sleek and refined, making it less bulky than other steel tumblers and half the weight of a traditional beer glass.  It's also shatterproof, so no worries it you drop it.

It's thin rimmed like fine glassware for a more enjoyable drinking experience.   It's like no other beer glass you've tried.   It's BPA free and is made from food grade stainless steel that won't affect the taste of your drink.  It comes in several different colors and fits comfortably in your hand.  You can purchase this Stainless Steel Beer Glass Set from the Snowfox website or from Amazon for $34.99.

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