Friday, December 13, 2019

Square Panda makes learning to read fun!

I recevied this product from Square Panda for review.  Square Panda designs and markets a multisentsory EdTech learning system that helps children worldwide, across skill sets and socioeconomic backgrounds, learn to read, write and communicate.  Designed for kids ages 2 to 8, Square Panda products use a multisensory approach of sight, sound and touch to help all children become confident, fluent readers.  Its adaptive platform assesses and engages learners through personalized play experiences grounded in a neuroscience research based curriculum.  

The Square Panda playset combines fun, adventure and sound teaching principles to build literacy skills in children ages 2 to 8. In conjunction with an iPad or Android tablet, children can use the Square Panda playset to access dozens of free games that playfully engage and teach them literacy fundamentals that include phonological awareness, phonics, spelling, print concepts and more.
In addition, the newly released SquareLand app offers playset users an engaging world of mini-games, stories and cartoon characters that guide children through an adaptive curriculum with the goal of growing their reading skills.

The new app ultimately will become the single, secure gateway through which kids and parents can discover a host of additional Square Panda literacy games and tools for teaching young readers  

Square Panda’s phonics playset and SquareLand adventure world foster literacy through adaptive learning, in which the games reinforce curriculum and learning patterns based on each child’s mastery of the skills presented, and through multisensory elements that let children touch and place plastic letters on the playset.  The more a child plays with the Square Panda playset, the more the adaptive system learns and customizes the experience for them. The games ensure that children are always in an optimal learning zone.  Challenged, but never overwhelmed. 

The Square Panda playset includes:  a Bluetooth-enabled playset with a new smart screen, 45 Smart Letters, a drawstring storage bag for the letters and the Parent Portal to monitor children’s progress in mastering literacy skills.  It is compatible with most versions of iPad and Android tablets, and many smartphones
In addition to the SquareLand mini-games, parents can download additional free learning games available on the App Store or Google Play for use with the Square Panda playset.
Square Panda phonics playsets are available now at Amazon, the Apple Store and BJ’s Wholesale Club and directly from the company website for a suggested retail price of $49.50.

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