Thursday, December 12, 2019

These cool faux leather journals make an awesome gift for the man in your life (women love them too!)

I received these journals from Soho Spark for review.  These journals are the perfect gift for the man in your life.  Women love them too!  The journals are available on the Soho Spark website and on Amazon as well.  They are refillable, so you can use them for years.  It uses A5 size paper.  The cover is made of faux leather, 100% synthetic and animal free, and is nicely padded, making them soft and comfortable to hold in your hands.  The debossed artwork is amazing.  The binding is sewn and lays flat without help.  There is also a colorful ribbon bookmark to keep your place.  All journals come in a gift ready box so they can be wrapped and given by hand, or sent through the mail as is. 

Red Dragon Journal (the regular retail price is $34.99, currently on sale for $19.99):  Fierce, noble and master of his domain, the Red Dragon sits high upon a rocky precipice.  This imposing beast inspires you to write in your luxurious, refillable journal.  The sleek, synthetic leather is much softer than dragon scales, but will not easily scuff.  The fine paper that fills it won't bleed, even if scratched by a flying serpent. 

Black Dragon Journal (the regular retail price is $34.99, currently on sale for $29.99):  Like its red counterpart, this black dragon on a rocky precipice surveying his domain.  The cover looks sleek and impressive.  Your dragon loving writer will love this journal.

Compass Rose Journal (the regular retail price is $34.99, currently on sale for $29.99):  The nautical Compass Rose Journal conveys your explorer spirit.  The Latin banner "Semper Explorans" means "Always Exploring"--the perfect motto for the writer in you.  The elegant design appeals to anyone creating their own adventure.  Own a personal designer journal that stands out from the crowd.  This is the original design for the journal product line and was created by the owner, Michael Wilkes, a former U.S. Navy Sailor. 

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