Monday, November 11, 2019

The world's first biodegradable tap water filter will give you delicious, clean drinking water

I received this product from TAPP WATER for review.  I received the TAPP 2 Twist.  You can choose from 2 plans:  get a TAPP 2 Twist and one refill cartridge for $49 and have filtered water for 3 months, or subscribe and get a TAPP 2 Twist + 4 refill cartridges for $79 and have filtered water for 12 months.  You can cancel your subscription at any time, if you wish to.

TAPP 2 is the world's first biodegradable tap water filter.  Get rid of foul taste, odor and 80+ other contaminants for healthy clean water with this filter.  It is compatible with all standard faucets and is quick and easy to install.  You can do it yourself with no tools and no plumbers.  You can also easily switch from filtered to unfiltered when you want to.  No more hauling around heavy bottles for those water coolers. Subscribe and refills come to you when you need them.

TAPP 2 Twist tap water filter has a manual dial to set the filter replacement reminder.  This makes it easy to use and eco-friendly.  It also works with the MyTAPP Web and App to get reminders via e-mail and notifications.  When you use MyTAPP on iOS, Android and web to track your tap water filter, you will be able to see the status and get notifications for replacement of refills.  You will get cost savings and reduce your CO2 footprint, as well as reducing your bottled water usage.  You can also easily order refills directly from the app.

You can make each filter last longer turning the filtering on and off with the touch of a button.  The connector and adapters have been tested and confirmed to work on 98% of all standard faucets without leakage (excluding showers), so you shouldn't have any problems with the fit.  The filter is designed and tested for tap water in the US, Canada, Europe and other regions compliant with EPA and WHO drinking water guidelines.  The advanced biodegradable cartridge refill is made out of the highest quality coconut shell and the carbon blocks are tested according to NSF 53 standards, ensuring that they are efficient in removing 80+ contaminants including lead, chlorine, THMs and more.  So install your own TAPP 2 Twist today and get delicious, clean water straight from your faucet.

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