Sunday, November 10, 2019

Seraphina Does Everything is a cute book that teaches children a valuable lesson

I received this book for review.  You can purchase Seraphina Does Everything on Amazon for $11.31.  This book teaches children that if you try to do too much, you won't have time to enjoy the important things.  The book is written by Melissa Gratias, Ph.D., who is an international speaker, coach, blogger, and author, and illustrated by Sue Cornelison. 

From the Inside Flap

Seraphina wants to do it all.  And she does!   From soccer to ballet to French club, her schedule is jam-packed.  There are so many options and doors to walk through in life, and Seraphina doesn't want to miss a thing.

If I don't open every door
to see what lies within,
I'll miss an opportunity,
that might not come again.
I stay busy day and night,
through winter, fall, and spring.
I crush my fear of missing out
by doing EVERYTHING.

So, if Seraphina is doing all the things she wants to do, then why does she feel so blue?  With some help from her dad, Seraphina discovers that in trying to do everything, she is missing out on some of her favorite things, like playing hide-and-seek with friends or playing catch with her dog.

In today's world, kids are often as over committed as adults.  They feel pressured to participate in every activity from sports to dance to social clubs.  And none of these things are bad until they begin to steal our children's joy.  Seraphina does EVERYTHING! helps children understand that life isn't all about doing.  It's also about being!  And when we let go of some things and choose what we enjoy most, it makes everything way more fun!

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