Monday, November 11, 2019

A new take on old fashioned family get togethers

I received this book for review.  You can purchase Food For The Family Soul:  Call Your Mother In Law on Amazon for $23.63.  This book was written by Ashley Nunez, who grew up in a small Italian family.  She was an only child born of an only child and spent her time with adults, cooking in the kitchen, for as long as she can remember.  She learned a lot growing up, and developed her own cooking style.  She has taken some cooking classes, but is primarily self-taught.

Food For The Family Soul is a new take on good old fashioned family get togethers.  Each book in the series is designed as a catalyst to bring families together cooking in the kitchen.  "Call Your Mother In Law" is the first in the series.  The magic behind the series is that the books all work together with recipes that compliment other recipes in the following book.  These books are the go-to cookbooks for all families.  

Ashley Nunez is an avid home cook, food photographer, and Instagramer.  She has produced a new exciting twist on traditional cookbooks.  It's simply delicious food, that not only brings the family back to the table, but also into the kitchen!  It has gorgeous photos with every recipe to inspire you and keep you wanting to make mealtime fresh and exciting.  Her eclectic style stems from the perfect blend of her worldwide travel and living all across the U. S., but the real spice comes from the lessons she learned after marrying into a Cuban family.  

The recipes all have carb and protein counts so you can take out all of the guesswork.  It's perfect for people counting their carbs and Type 1 Diabetes like Ashley herself.  Ashley makes fresh food that is accessible whether you are a seasoned chef, or a new cook.  It's all about bringing the family back to the kitchen in an engaging and fun new way, using fresh ingredients that entice the family to gather in the kitchen.

There are recipes in many different styles, regions and cultures including in this cookbook, so there's something for everyone!  And because so many people are on specific diets, whether for health reasons or weight loss, Ashley even noted on each recipe the diets that they fit into!  Here is a brief description of some of the various diets:

Homestyle:  This is just yum!  Something grandma would make not caring about carbs or fat.  
Mediterranean:  Is focused on olive oil, legumes, fruit, vegetables, fish, cheese and yogurt. 
Paleo:  Is focused on nuts, fruit, vegetables, roots and meat (no dairy).
Keto:  Consists of lots of grass-fed butter, cream, nuts, coconut oil; eating low to no carb and high on the good fat.  

Some of the recipes you will find in this book are:
Cauliflower Italian Bread Sticks
Cuban Steaks
Brussel Sprout Gratin
Halibut With Curried Cream Sauce
Spinach Salad With Warm Dressing
Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup
Spiced Sweet Potatoes with Smashed Egg
Whipped Tiramisu custard

There are many, many more!  Buy a copy of "Food For The Family Soul:  Call Your Mother In Law" for yourself or as a gift.  You'll love all of the delicious recipes you will find in it!

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