Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A fun kissing game to play with the one you love!

I received this product from Kisses 4 Us for review.  

When you're in love with someone, you don't really need an excuse to kiss them.  But this game will give you just that, an excuse to kiss!  Let Kisses 4 Us inject some flirtatious romance into your relationship...draw a card and start kissing!  Kisses 4 Us is perfect for new realationships, as well as for couple who have been together for years.  You can purchase it HERE for $19.99 for a boxed set and $24.99 with the gift bag option.  The gift bag option includes a gloss black alligator embossed Eurotote with hang tag and red tissue paper.

Kisses 4 Us is also sold on Amazon and Etsy.

Let Kisses 4 Us ignite or rekindle the romance with your someone special - open the soft, sleek, black box and let the kissing begin!  Randomly choose a kiss card and be surprised on what you might pick - a Hand Kiss, Trail Kiss or even a Woodpecker Kiss!  A combination of fun, flirty and romantic kisses are all included in Kisses 4 Us!  
The idea book will give you suggestions on how to use Kisses 4 Us - from hiding the cards around the house, to drawing a card before leaving for work, to celebrating holidays throughout the year!   
Roses are lovely, but this unique gift will last forever.
Each Kisses 4 Us soft-touch laminated box is filled with 30 Unique Kiss Cards.  Each card contains an explanation of the type of kiss - plus extra trivia, fun facts and tips to enhance your kiss experience.  There are 5 "Create Your Own" Cards and an Idea Book to make it even more fun.

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