Tuesday, September 17, 2019

McNess Wonder Flavor is great for baking.

I received this product from McNess Store for review.  You can purchase this one their website for $10.00.

Wonder Flavor from McNess is a delicious alternative to vanilla.  This blend includes lemon oil, orange oil and vanilla.  Use it as you would vanilla.  and it will give your baked goods a slight citrusy flavor.  it is gluten free and salt free.  With the holidays coming up, this is the perfect time to try this.  Many people bake tons of cakes, cookies and candy at this time of year, so try a batch with Wonder Flavor instead of vanilla.

McNess home products were created in 1908 by Frank E. Furst and Frederick W. McNess.  They called it the Furst-McNess Company and were based in Freeport, illinois.  Their line-up of home and health products were sold by a salesman known as the “McNess Man”.  The McNess man carried his wares across America by horse and buggy. The “store on wheels” approach later was replaced by automobiles and later saleswomen joined the McNess men to help sell the products.

In late 2015, Furst-McNess Company signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Sugar River Trading Company of Belleville, WI to take over the manufacturing and distribution of the McNess home products. The owners of Sugar River Trading had worked with Furst-McNess Company for years prior to this agreement.  They have brought back some of the discontinued McNess products and plan to bring back more of them as they can.

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