Friday, September 20, 2019

Obliterate grease and grime from your grill with Grilltastic!

I received this product for review.  You can purchase the Sienna Grilltastic grill cleaner from Amazon for $109.99.  It would be a perfect gift for the Grill Master in your family.  They would love to find this waiting under the Christmas tree (or for any gift giving occasion).

The Sienna Grilltastic is the first grill cleaner that produces its own steam.  Most grill cleaners rely on the hot grill to produce the steam needed to effectively clean it.  This means you either have to clean the grill immediately after grilling (when you just want to kick back and take it easy), or you have to heat the grill up again when you are ready to clean it.  But there's no rush with Grilltastic because it makes its own steam with its 1500 watt steam generator.  

With Grilltastic you will be able to obliterate grease and grime because it provides a powerful, continuous and consistent flow of steam while you clean.  And 99.99% of harmful germs and bacteria will be eliminated because it sanitizes as it cleans.  You can also purchase an accessory kit that will allow you to use your Grilltastic on many other outdoor surfaces.

Use the attached stainless steel grill brush to scrub the grill while it is blasted with steam.  No more need to use steel wool pads, wire brushes or unsafe toxic chemicals to scrub off those tough spots where food has hardened and built up.  The Grilltastic really does take the work out of cleaning your grill and actually makes it fun to do!

The Sienna Grilltastic is built to last with its precision engineering and optimal construction using only the most durable, rust resistant materials.  You will be able to clean your grill with it for years to come.  And regularly cleaning and sanitizing your grill will also make the grill itself last longer.  So fire up your grill and use it all year long, no need to worry about clean up with the Grilltastic around!


  1. You are right you don't want to start cleaning a warm grill immediately after being up on your feet for so long .I prefer to do it later after savouring the food - so this steam power Sienna Grilltastic looks quite good for the job.

  2. I need this as a gift to my sister and her husband. They grill so much and always invite friends and family. This item is a must in their household.

  3. This looks like a great tool! Our grill needs some serious cleaning!

  4. This seems like a super handy gadget to have. Anything that can help me to clean my grill better than it is now..... is good by me :)

  5. This sounds perfect for my husband. He never cleans the grill! I need one for him.