Tuesday, September 17, 2019

This book is full of ideas for decor, costumes, recipes and more for Halloween!

I received this ebook from Pamela Layton McMurtry (the author of the book) for review.  You can purchase this ebook in the Kindle edition on Amazon or the Nook edition from Barnes & Noble for $9.99.

A Harvest and Halloween Handbook was written by Pamela Layton McMurtry.  It is filled with some of her childhood memories, as well as the traditions and history of Halloween and harvest time.  

Learn about the ancient traditions of Israel's Harvest Celebration (which was a happy, joyous event), and how it turned into the dark, spooky event now known as Halloween.  Ancient Irish records tell us how an entity named Lugh, "The Shining One", introduced unspeakable horrors to his pagan followers.  And learn about the evolution of the Catholic Hallomas.

But this book isn't just a history lesson.  It is also packed with fun new ideas to make your Halloween celebrations the best ever.  There are ideas for party themes and decor (for children as well as adults), as well as costumes, recipes, craft patterns and even complete menus.  You will find party themes ranging from fantasy to religious, so there is something for everyone.  

Looking for a new party game?  There are tons of them in this book, with full instructions on how to play them.  It even gives you ideas for unique handmade invitations and gifts!  

Whether you are just looking for new ideas for decorating your home, or you want to throw the biggest Halloween party your friends and family have ever seen, this book will quickly become your go to resource!    

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  1. I loved this book for the colorful photos. And ideas are unique and catchy. Very nice buy for the season.