Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Save money with these Starter Kits

I received these products from HighOh for review.  The Period Starter Kit is available on Amazon.  You can choose either the Medium Flow Pack which contains 6 pads and a wet bag or the Heavy Flow Pack which contains 4 pads and a wet bag.

One thing that we don't typically think of as a Back to School necessity is supplies for a woman's unwelcome monthly visitor.  But it is something that every teen and college age girl needs.  For female college students, money can be very tight.  And disposable pads are expensive when you struggle to pay tuition, book fees, rent and living expenses.  

The Period Starter Kit was created by sisters who often struggled to be able to purchase pads when there was no money to spare after paying their bills.  So they created their own washable cloth pads.

Each cloth pad can be washed and reused for up to 3 to 4 years.  They are hygienic, recyclable and environmentally friendly.  Using them will free up the money you would normally spend on the disposable products, giving you more to spend on your bills, needs or wants.

Each of these pads has 2 layers of all natural bamboo charcoal fiber, and a waterproof layer to keep you clean and dry.  The bamboo fiber effectively decomposes any micro-organisms on the pad or in the air around it, eliminating odor and bacteria.  They are free of any harmful chemicals and contain no bio-accumulative byproducts like dioxin.  As a result, most women experience far fewer and less severe menstrual cramps.

You will be protected from leaks and spills thank to the leak proof technology employed in the design of the pad.  This is achieved with 2 button snaps to hold the pad in place and special sewing methods that creates a barrier to hold the liquid in.  The pads are soft and gentle to the touch and are perfect for monthly flow, post partum use, and even for incontinence problems.

They come with a waterproof wet bag to store the used ones in until you get home.  Once home, simply throw them into the washing machine and wash them.  You can dry them in the dryer, or just let them air dry.

If you are a female college student struggling to make ends meet, consider giving these pads a try.  

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