Friday, August 2, 2019

Check out these great books!

I received these books from Schiffer Publishing for review.

This book on Civil War quilts was written by Pam Weeks and Don Beld.  It is an amazing read for someone who loves quilting, as well as a history bluff or Civil War enthusiast.  On these pages you will read the stories of 14 extraordinary Civil War quilts and the women who made them.  There are over 170 Photos included that shows the beautiful and amazing talents that went into these quilts.

Each quilt tells a story of its own.  Some are based on love stories, some on patriotism and some on the determination of the women who wanted to be more active in the war effort.  These are stories of survival and the struggle to achieve it.  There are some truly beautiful quilts that were made in the days when the sewing was done by hand.  

Inside this book you will find information on how to make 19th Century bindings and potholder quilts.  There are even 45 patterns for you to use in making reproductions of some of the Civil War Era quilts.  There is also information on reproduction fabrics, as well as information on how to participate in modern soldier related community service quilting.  

You can purchase this book HERE for $39.99.

Christmas isn't really that far away, and if you like crafting, why not make a few home made Christmas decorations?  Christmas Magic, written by Ingrid Perra, is full of "decorative ideas for winter and Yuletide patchwork".  Give your home a personalized decor by making your own placemats, pillows, blankets, wall hangings and table cloths. 

This book includes step by step instructions and easy to use templates for 25 simple stitched projects that can easily be created by beginners.  Make them for yourself, or give them as a gift to family and friends.

Also included is a basic patchwork and quilting course that ensures you know the correct techniques to use when making your projects.  

You can purchase this book HERE for $19.99. 

Finally we have Medieval Cooking in Today's Kitchen by Greg Jenkins.  It is a cookbook that contains 78 recipes for foods that were prepared and eaten throughout Europe and the English Isles in the Middle Ages.  These are ancient and exotic recipes for delicious drinks, hearty breads, soups and hors d’oeuvres, robust entrées, and rich desserts.  

Each recipe has been thouroughly researched, translated and prepared by time honored cooking traditions while ensuring that they are still suitable for today's kitchens.  In addition to the simple and fun to make recipes, this book includes historical information, preparation suggestions and a thorough resource guide, giving you a feel for the culinary habits and delights of your ancient ancestors.  

Host a Medieval dinner party for your friends and family and serve dishes like Caws Wedi Pobi “Welsh Rarebit” and sweet and spicy Chawetty Tarts.  Or serve some more rare dishes such as Pompys “Medieval Meatballs in Sweet Sauce,” Rissoles Meat Tarts, and roasted Aberdeenshire Pheasant.  Make your guests feel like they are stepping back in time by asking them to dress in Medieval costumes to complete the dinner theme.  

 You can purchase this book HERE for $24.99.

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