Friday, July 19, 2019

Love to sew, but don't have time to plan your projects? Try a Sew What subscription from Taylarmade Tailoring.

I received this product from Taylarmade Tailoring for review.

Sewing is an awesome hobby that allows you to create beautiful accessories for your home and every day life.  It's even more special because you made it yourself.  But often times, despite having a love of sewing, I am often so busy with my day to day routine that I don't have time to search for a pattern and collect all of the materials necessary to even begin a sewing project.  That's where a subscription to Taylarmade Tailoring's Sew What Box comes to the rescue! 

Each month your Sew What box will feature a new project.  Past projects have included pillows, duffel bags, blankets and a bunny shaped drawstring backpack.  You will need a sewing machine, scissors and an iron, but other than that, everything you will need to complete the project will be in the box.  You'll get pre-cut fabrics and all necessary materials, thread, pins and even access to an easy to follow assembly video to show you exactly how to complete your project. 

You don't get to pick your project, but you can pick the main color you would like.  You can get a Single Edition, which is a single Sew What box, for $45.00 plus shipping.  If you have a couple of friends or family members who love to sew as well, choose the Best Friends Edition for $120.00 and get 3 Sew What boxes.  Then invite your two besties over for a sewing night.  Or choose the Party Edition for $390.00.  With the Party Edition, you get 10 Sew What boxes so you can have a sewing party! 

These projects are perfect for people who are completely new to sewing, those who feel that they don't have time to learn due to busy schedules and those who know how to sew but has very little free time to prepare to do a project.  It can be really intimidating for some one who is not used to sewing to try to figure out a pattern.  Cutting your fabrics is time consuming and can give anyone a headache.  Maybe you don't have any pins and needles, or you can't remember where you put them.  And if you don't have the right color of thread to match your fabrics you will either have to run to the store to buy some, or choose to use a different color of thread even though it doesn't match.  But with a Sew What box you won't have to worry about any of that because it is all in the box!  It eliminates all of your problems! 

Whether you're experienced at sewing, a complete newbie or anywhere in between, get a subscription to Sew What box and start sewing today!

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