Saturday, July 20, 2019

Fight colds, flu and allergies by doing a nasal swab!

I received this product form Cold Bee Gone for review.

Cold Bee Gone is an all natural homeopathic remedy.  It is made with Active Manuka Honey and it relieves sinus congestion, sneezing, runny nose and post nasal drip.  Cold and flu viruses enter the body through our eyes, ears, nose or throat and then replicates millions of times within 1-3 days.  Swabbing your nose with Cold Bee Gone can help reduce the duration and severity of the illness.  It can even help alleviate allergy symptoms.

To use, generously apply Cold Bee Gone to the tip of a clean cotton swab.  Next, swab the inside of one nostril, coating it with it.  Flip the cotton swab around to the clean tip and repeat the process, swabbing the inside of the other nostril.  Discard the swab.  Do this up to 3 times per day at the first indications of illness.  A single tube of Cold Bee Gone contains over 100 doses!

This should not be use on children under a year old or by people with bee allergies.  You shouldn't use it if you are susceptible to nose bleeds, have sinus sensitivities or if you have a pre-existing sinus condition or surgery.  

Cold Bee Gone is all natural and gently.  Manuka Honey is antimicrobial.  It supports the nasal biome and helps retain moisture to reduce the risk of infection.

With children preparing to return to school, safeguarding them from cold and flu viruses is very important.  Cold Bee Gone can help you do that.  So make sure you include it in your Back To School supplies!   

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