Thursday, May 16, 2019

Cool off this summer with this personal mister from Misty Mate

I received this personal mister from Misty Mate to review.

This personal mist cooling device is called the MistPro 3.  It is great to use to cool off on a hot summer day with its continuous ultra fine mist on command.  It requires no batteries or any other power source, just you!  Just pressurize it using the retractable hand pump, then push the button to spray an ultra fine mist to provide temperate climate control when it is very hot.  When you press the button, the MistPro 3 forces the pressurized air and water through the specialized misting nozzle.  It atomizes liquid H2O into microparticles that flash evaporates on contact and dramatically cools the surrounding air temperature up to 30°F.  It has a fluid capacity of 3.0 ounces and uses the latest in design, materials and performance to deliver the most elegant mist cooling experience.

The MistPro 3 is conveniently sized to make it easy to take along with you anywhere.  Take it camping, on a hike, a family BBQ...take it everywhere!  Use it periodically to cool off when you get too warm.   The one I received is a beautiful blue color and it looks really nice.  I really love it!

You can purchase the MistPro 3 from the Misty Mate site or from Amazon for $49.99.  It is well worth the investment!   

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