Thursday, October 20, 2022

That World's First App Supported Total Body Trainer

I received this product for review.

If you're looking for one Fitness Trainer device that you can use to maintain or improve the fitness of your whole body, I have just the thing to tell you about.  And it can be purchased on Amazon!

Plankpad ($129) is the world's first app supported total body trainer.  It
combines a fitness device with games and workouts on your smartphone or tablet and makes working out more fun.  It's the perfect way to train your whole body.  Planking is one of the most effective workouts you can do.  It will get you in shape, make you lose fat and help you gain muscles.  It can even prevent  and relieve backpain.  And the Plankpad makes the plank workout a lot more fun.

Planks will help to strengthen your entire body by simultaneously and efficiently training your arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes and legs.  The Plankpad makes your workout fun by synchronizing with an app that has tons of games and workouts.  You control the games and workouts with your movements, and you'll be so distracted by having fun that you will forget that you're exercising, causing you to exercise longer.

The app has a game for everyone.  There's
Candy Monster, Duck Shoot, Pong Goal, Meteor Madness, Wave Rider and Snow Cruisin’, to name a few.  And there will be even more in the future.  As the games challenge you to collect more and more points, you'll lose all track of time.  You'll be focused more on the game than on counting the seconds, making you plank longer and reach your goals faster.  Time flies when you're having fun.  You'll strengthen your core, build muscles, eliminate back pain and get a six pack in no time at all, thanks to the Plankpad!

You can also use the Plankpad as a Balance Board to work your lower muscles, increase your balance and stability, improve your coordination and reaction time, and even help prevent injuries.  Kids can really benefit from this as well!  Just connect your mobile device with your smart TV to enjoy a big screen experience or compete with family and friends as you "surf" or "ski" on your Plankpad.

The Plankpad looks quite stylish.  It's made with long lasting, high quality wood with a walnut finish and the top is covered with a soft sweat resistant foam.  It's not bulky or heavy.  It's actually quite easy to store and it has a handle for easy carrying.  It even comes with a special mat to prevent it from slipping or damaging your floor.

The app has a special workout section that's full of different exercises and videos that show different variations of the plank exercise.  You'll be able to follow the exercises on the screen and see the correct technique and posture.  If you struggle with your plank position, the app will notice and give you tips on how to achieve better balance.  The workouts in these games are much more intense and are aimed primarily towards more advanced users.

The app also has a 30 day challenge that will help you to stay motivated. There are 3 sets with different timings for each day.  These sets start out easy, but the difficulty increases each day.  As your body adapts to the exercise each day, you'll be able to hold the plank a little longer until you see and feel the difference.

You'll also get a poster that shows 12 different plank positions that you can do on your Plankpad.  Once you have completed the challenge in the standard plank, you can choose a new plank position to repeat the challenge with. 

Practice makes perfect.  The more you use it, the more you will be amazed with the results you get!

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