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The Benefits of Maintaining Your Teeth

Having teeth that are clean, straight and white is an excellent way to win approval and validation in society. But it's also important for maintaining your overall health. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the ways that looking after your teeth can help you look after your health. 

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Prevent Dental Disease 


Plaque is a combination of different types of bacteria that builds up on your teeth. It creates a white film on your teeth that you might have noticed from time to time. When left untreated, plaque can start to build up and will gradually dissolve the enamel on the outside of your teeth. 

When plaque is left untreated, it builds up around the root of the tooth where the gum is and becomes tartar. This tartar build up leads to periodontal disease that starts to destroy the gums. Both of these conditions can be easily avoided or resolved with a regular trip to a professional dentist.


Improved Dental Hygiene


Whether you brush your teeth three times a day and use mouthwash, or you don't brush your teeth for days on end, you are likely to have bad breath from time to time. That being said, someone who brushes their teeth more often will have bad breath far less frequently than someone who doesn't. 

Either way, a regular trip to the dentist can help to reduce bad breath and improve your overall dental hygiene. Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash are important as part of your dental care routine, but if you don't have a scale and polish now and then, your breath starts to smell.


Prevent Tooth Loss 


Nobody wants to have one of their teeth pulled. Not only is it a painful and inconvenient process, but you tend to lose a healthy tooth that might have been unnecessary. When you attend your dentist regularly, they can help you to prevent losing healthy teeth by monitoring your gum health. 

The bacteria that cause periodontal disease moves down from the tooth into the gums and then into the root of the tooth. Eventually, this causes some pain in your tooth and tooth disease leading to extractions. Visiting your dental clinic now and then helps to prevent issues from occurring.


Benefits of Smiling 


We all know the benefits of a winning smile. It helps make you more popular and accepted. It also brightens up the day for other people - and it might even help you land a job or a promotion. The trouble is that teeth can become dulled and discolored very easily and this affects the appearance of your smile. 

A tooth is made in layers. The outer layer is called enamel, and the inner layers are called dentin. The dentin is softer than the enamel and absorbs stains from tea, coffee and wine more easily. As we age, the enamel thins and dentin shows through. A dentist can clean the dentin and help give you a brighter, whiter smile.


Improved Overall Health 


Did you know that your teeth play a role in your overall health? That's right, your teeth and gums are connected to your heart. One can influence the health of the other. For this reason, a good dentist will check your overall health when you visit for a routine assessment.


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