Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Perfect Sweater For Every Occasion

I received this product from Oliver Charles for review.

This Crew Neck Sweater ($225) will quickly become your favorite article of clothing.  It's stylish, comfortable, unisex and versatile.  It works just as well for everyday wear when paired with jeans as it does for dressy occasions paired with a skirt or dress pants.  There are six different colors to choose from (undyed, emerald blue, light grey, charcoal, dark red and navy blue), and since it is so soft and comfortable, you're probably going to want one in every color!

This sweater is perfect for all ages.  Sizes range from XXS to XXL and it's actually true to size.  It wears with a slimming professional fit and will shape itself to your body to fit both broader and narrower shoulder lines.  It's roomy in the armpits, so it won't ride up or bunch up when you raise your arms, and it will fit those with longer arms and taller torsos as well.

The sweater is made of khullu, the wool fiber that grows around the neck and belly of the Tibetan yak.  Khullu is known for its durability, comfort and antimicrobial properties.  Yet, it remains soft and luxurious to the touch.  It's soft like cashmere, but easier to care for (it's machine washable) and better for the planet than synthetics.  

3D-knitted in 1 entire piece, there are no seams means there is less fabric waste while the strength is increased.  This also give it greater mobility and comfort.  The hidden aerated knit helps to regulate heat.  It will keep you warm, yet remains breathable.  Another great thing about this sweater is that it doesn't trap odors! 

You'll love this soft and comfortable sweater so much!  It's perfect for even the most sensitive skin, and you will revel in the softness!

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