Thursday, June 16, 2022

Must Haves For Your Next BBQ

I received these products from Carpathen for review.  They offer a variety of flamping, BBQ and gardening products.  They also have an Amazon store.  Whether you're looking for a last minute Father's Day gift, or just something that will make your summer BBQs tastier and easier, you're going to love these products.

The Z-Smoker Pellet Tube will transform your grill into a smoker.  Due to its small size, this pellet tube smoker fits inside most grills to make it super easy to add a delicious wood smoked flavor to your food without needing an expensive cold smoker.  Just fill
the smoker tube with food grade wood pellets in the flavor of your choice and light.  You'll get 5 hours of thin blue smoke that will infuse your meat with an awesome smoky flavor.  Works great with pork, ribs, cured meat, hot dogs, sausages, chicken, cheese, fish and more.

The Z-Smoker kit includes:  
  • 1 Smoke tube
  • 1 Smoking Guide with Amazing Delicious Recipes and Smoking Tips in digital format
  • 1 Meat Temperature Chart (in digital format)
  • 1 Marinade
  • Rubs and BBQ Sauces Guide (in digital format)
  • 1 Pellet Tube Smoker User Guide (hard copy)
  • 1 Canvas Bag for Easy Storage

You get everything you need to have a wonderfully delicious BBQ.  You can also find the Z-Smoker on Amazon.

Nothing says summer like roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire.  These Roasting Sticks make it super easy and convenient to roast these delicious campfire staples.  No need to wander around in the woods searching for suitable branches to clumsily chop for a decent roasting stick.  These roasting sticks are perfect.  

They telescope like a radio antenna to extend from 10" to 34" to create the perfect length.  The fork can rotate independently from the handle with just two fingers on the colored plastic ring.  The handles are made of natural wood and are comfortably pleasant to hold.  And heat is not conducted through the rod, so there's no danger of being burnt from holding them.

The set includes six different ring colors on the handles, making it easy to tell which stick belongs to who.   This is essential when you have more than one child because children fight over everything!  Clean up is super easy, simply wipe with a wet cloth and a little soap.  Then retract the handles and place the sticks back in the included zippered bag.  

They're compact, easy to store and convenient to carry, making it easy to take along with you on all of your adventures.  You can also find these Roasting Sticks on Amazon.

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