Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Makeup For Your Lips, Cheeks and Eyes, All In One Stick

I received these products from LaJeanell for review.  This indie brand and woman owned business offers all natural vegan skin care and makeup products that work great for any skin type.  

La Jeanell offers products like Sunscreen Lotion, Advanced Golden Glow Serum, Moonlight Lume Pod and these cool all in one sticks that look like lipstick, but are made to use on your cheeks and as eyeshadow as well!  And you can buy their products in bundles sets that includes a nice makeup bag!

This Lip, Cheek and Eye Shadow ($28 each) comes in five gorgeous and versatile shades (Spring Blossom, Autumn Leaves, Shirley, Winter Holly Berries and Summer Breeze).  These five shades were
designed to allow you to create many more colors.  You can easily blend the colors together to create new a brilliant new looks and colors that POP.  When applied individually, you get subtle colors.  Or you can mix the shades to create layers for incredibly lucious and kissable lips.  You'll be able to wear a new shade for every season, every mood or every outfit without having to spend a fortune on dozens of different colors.

You can be fearless with rich, clean and creamy colors, creating glamorous and vibrant nourishing shades.  These sticks make it easy to volumize, hydrate and moisturize your lips to keep them soft, plump and gorgeous.  and you can coordinate your eyes and cheeks by using the same sticks to apply color in those areas!

LaJeanell’s founder, Shirley Powell, brings more than 40 years of business experience.  She represented two high end luxury cosmetics companies.  As an entrepreneur and model, she found herself searching for quality makeup that was health conscious.  As a result, she found the need to create a line that provided a solution to the problem.  Shirley founded LaJeanell to provide quality skincare solutions.  It resulted in a great selection of natural and organic makeup.  Her vision was to include anti-aging components to the product line.  Thus, giving users a younger look without going under the scalpel.