Monday, May 2, 2022

Hot Sauce Makes Everything Taste Better

I received these products from Lola's Fine Hot Sauce for review.  Looking for a way to spice up your Father's Day dinner?  Well these delicious hot sauces are just what you need!  Or better yet, give your Dad a Gift Pack for his Father's Day gift.  He'll love it!

This 6 Pack Gift Set ($38.99) is the perfect way to give your Dad the gift of flavor!  This pack includes all six of Lola's signature flavors.  It's made with
a family generational recipe from their mom and uses the freshest all natural ingredients.  All of their flavors use the world’s hottest peppers for delicious flavor and not intense burning heat.  These sauces are vegan, 100% all natural, non-gmo project verified, low sodium, keto and gluten free.  

Lola’s signature recipe Original blends red jalape
ños, habanero peppers, garlic and lime to create a delicious hot sauce that goes well with everything.  It delivers a delightfully unique combination of sweet, smokey and limey flavors with a peppery zing that doesn't leave your mouth burning.

Green Jalape
ño & Serrano is a delicious blend of fresh green jalapeño and serrano peppers.  It has a smooth, rich and earthy flavor with a touch of lime zing.

Ghost Pepper is made with the freshest mixed jolokia ghost peppers.  It has a delightful smokey flavor with a medium burn.  It's perfect with eggs, nachos or brats.

Trinidad Scorpion is made with
trinidad scorpion peppers.  It has a full warm bodied heat paired with delightful blasts of all natural lime and fresh garlic.  Try this on your favorite chilis, soups and tacos.

Carolina Reaper uses just the right amount of the world’s hottest pepper.  It has a delicious up front, all natural, sweet taste and delicious flavor.  It goes great on your favorite pizza or pasta.

To create the Family Reserve has been reserved only for the family up until now.  This limited batch brings aged carolina reaper and habanero peppers together to create a flavor combination that's sweet, smoky and limey.  It also packs tons of heat.  With a Scoville rating of 1.8+, this is Lola's hottest hot sauce yet. If you can handle the heat, dare to be bold!

Browse the Lola's Fine Hot Sauce website to see their full selection of sauces.  They also have salsas, seasonings, biscuits, mixers, apparel and merchandise.

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