Monday, May 2, 2022

Help Mom Look Her Best

I received these products from Reviva Labs for review.  Every woman wants to look her best, so why not give your Mom products that will help her have glowing, more youthful and radiant skin this Mother's Day?

Calming Renewal Serum ($32) combines K-Beauty with Ayurvedic medicinal herbs and modern cosmeceutical ingredients to deliver unrivaled skin calming results.  This anhydrous formula will bathes your skin with rich, nourishing oils and antioxidant compounds.  It combines plant extracts that have been used for centuries, with proven natural ingredients to give your skin a renewed, radiant and glowingly youthful appearance.  With ingredients like Argan, Rosehip, JoJoba and Hemp Oils, along with Ashwagandha, Shitake, Chinaberry, Turmeric and Red Seaweed, it will bathe your skin in nourishing EFAs and beneficial plant extracts. 

This Calming Rejuvenation Créme ($42) is rich in nourishing essential fatty acids (EFAs) and other nourishing ingredients. 
Ingredients like Rosehip, Grapeseed Oil and Seabuckthorn will drench your skin with crucial omega-3, -6 and -7, as well as beneficial essential fatty acids.  Manuka Honey and Carrot Seed Oil are renown for their skin calming effects.  They're included to help balance moisture and improve your skin’s appearance.  It also has Hemp Oil to help calm your skin while it supports your skin’s moisture barrier.  As a result of these numerous antioxidants and inflammation reducing compounds, your skin will be calmed and nourished.  You'll love the stunning, glowing and younger looking complexion that results from using this product. 

Even if you have clear, unblemished skin, you can still benefit from using this Problem Skin Mask ($24).
  This mild, yet effective, mask will help to remove impurities that cause blemishes, while leaving your skin feeling soothed, cool and clean. 
Not only does it help to diminish blemishes, this mask also absorbs excess oil without drying out your skin.  It also helps to combat clogged pores while drawing out impurities.  The result is glowing, clear skin that will be the envy of all.

Visit the Reviva Labs website to see their full selection of products.  You'll find everything you need to help you achieve gorgeous, youthful and healthy skin.

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