Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Perfect For Your Bearded Valentine

I received these products from Husky Beard Grooming for review.  If you have a bearded Valentine like I do, then you know what a difference good beard products can make.  The following products are amazing and they smell awesome as well!

The 2X2 Pack is the perfect gift bundle for your bearded Valentine.  The bundle includes
a Modern Man Beard Butter/Cream (4 oz), Modern Man Beard Oil (1 oz) with standard dropper, Cabin Fever Beard Butter/Cream (4 oz), Cabin Fever Beard Oil (1 oz) with standard dropper and a Beard Comb.

Modern Man is a wonderful scent that combines sandalwood and musk with a hint of patchouli and bergamot to create a light fragrance that is unique and perfect for any man.  This fragrance is versatile enough for home or the office. 

Cabin Fever is a clean, woodsy fragrance with top notes of eucalyptus, making it perfect for the outdoorsman.

Husky Beard beard butters/creams are smooth, creamy and whipped to perfection.  They're the perfect product when your beard is feeling dry and needs some extra nourishment.  Put them on at night, right after a shower and before you go to bed to wake up with the softest beard you've ever experienced.  There are several fragrances to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect scent to match your mood and personality.

Husky Beard beard oils are unlike any other beard care product you’ve used before.  These products will leave your beard feeling softer than it has ever felt without leaving it feeling greasy or heavy.  

Chicago Comb's Model No. 1 Carbon Fiber comb is the perfect addition to your beard care!  The comb measures
5.5" long and 1.25" high and has medium fine teeth.  It's made in the USA using a high quality carbon fiber composite.  It's naturally anti-static and it's heat and chemical resistant.

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