Thursday, January 20, 2022

A Versatile Duffel Bag For Her

I received this product from Kinsey Rhea for review.  This is a perfect gift for a girl who loves outdoors and hunting, but isn't above throwing on a cute pair of boots and accessorizing with some bling.

The Muddy Girl Pink 19" Duffel or Range Bag
is a lifestyle camo bag for the outdoor hunter who also enjoys letting her girly girl side out once in a while.  Muddy Girl camo goes far beyond the single shade of pink that is commonly seen with most pink camo patterns.  Kinsey Rhea works to develop products for Outdoor Women who also want some feminine bling.

camo barrel duffel bag is made of a durable fabric and is versatile enough to be used for outdoors, as a range bag or as a travel bag.  There's plenty of room to store everything you need for a hunting trip, or an overnight trip out of town.  It features a front top compartment and a side pocket that is perfect for accessories.

This duffel is perfect for all of your outdoors needs, yet it still allows you to keep a sense of
individuality as a woman.  You'll be stylin' in the rugged outdoors, and you'll have the coolest looking overnight bag for your travels.  Whatever your carry needs are, this bag will satisfy them.  And it will look great doing it!

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