Sunday, December 12, 2021

Your Family Will Love This Game

I received this product from AGreatLife for review.  They offer a variety of toys and games that will help create strong family memories.

This Wooden Throwing Lawn Game ($59.99) is perfect for a family gift this Christmas because the whole family will enjoy playing it. 
Loved by both adults and kids alike, this game will be a big hit at your next family barbecue.  Kids will benefit from the math they'll do in their heads while keeping score, and adults will appreciate the strategic aspect of the game. And you don't have to wait until summer to play it because it can be played indoors as well!

This game is super simple to learn and play.  To begin, place the pins in a rough triangle.  The first player throws the tossing piece at the pins trying to knock them down.  Each pin has a number on it, and you add those numbers together for each pin that is knocked down.  After each turn, the next player sets up the pins in the exact spot that they fell, increasing the difficulty with each turn.  The game ends when one player reaches exactly 50 points. 

There are some basic rules that you need to follow.  You need 2-6 players to play.  

  1. Throws must always be underhand.
  2.  If a pin is leaning on another pin or the throwing dowel it is not considered fallen. 
  3. If a player misses 3 times in a row, they are out the game.
  4. If a player scores over 50 points, they are penalized.  Their score gets “knocked” down to 25 and the game continues. 

This awesome game is easy to take along with you when you travel or visit a friend or family member.  It comes with a custom made nylon bag to securely store and carry the pieces.  This game is a great way to bring your family together to make great memories.

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