Monday, December 13, 2021

Cute Headphones For Kids

I received this product from Planet Buddies for review.  If you have a little one who is always running off with your headphones, maybe it's time to get the a set of their own.  And what could be cuter than these wireless headphones that feature a variety of colorful characters who represent endangered, vulnerable and threatened species from all over the world?  They have several different styles to choose from, in both corded and wireless.  My son loves pandas, so I was thrilled to receive a panda set!

This is the Pippin the Panda Wireless Headphones ($44.99).  If your child loves pandas, he'll love these headphones!  This wireless headset is volume limited to 85 decibels, which is the level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). I love this feature because my son absolutely loves to turn the volume up way too loud.  I'm constantly telling him to turn it down or I will take it away.  The child safe audio limit on these headphones is much safer than typical headphones.  By limiting the volume level, it helps to prevent noise induced hearing loss.  Listening at a maximum level of 85 decibels makes it safe to enjoy up to 8 hours of audio a day and it's suitable for children aged 3+.


Your child will love to find this under the tree on Christmas morning.  With their comfortable earpads, adjustable headband and an impressive play time of up to 38 hours, these headphones are the perfect music companion.  They have a smart music sharing feature that lets you connect a second pair of wireless headphones and share your audio with your best friend (or sibling... imagine that!  Siblings SHARING!).  They're compatible with any Bluetooth device, and they come with an 80cm Type-C charging cable and 150cm AUX-in cable, so you can continue to listen while charging.  There's also a built in microphone for singing, phone calls or talking with your friends.

Designed with adventure in mind, this headset is foldable, lightweight and portable.  It even comes with a convenient carry pouch so you can easily take it along with you wherever you go exploring.

live in forests high in the mountains of China with lots of trees for climbing.  They start learning to climb from 5 months old and even practice handstands!  They like to spend most of their time eating bamboo, but farming and deforestation is destroying their habitat and their safety is threatened by poachers.  

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