Monday, November 1, 2021

Turn Your Drawings Into Playable Video Games

I received this product from Pixicade for review.  Kids spend so much time playing video games these days.  Mine are no different.  They love playing games.  They also like to draw, and I encourage them to do so as much as possible.  But imagine if you could combine the two hobbies.

With Pixicade (starting at $19.99) kids can turn their drawing into playable video games.  Recommended for kids age 6 to 13+, this mobile game maker is surprisingly easy to use.  And if you enter the promo code Pixicade Holiday at checkout you'll get a 10% discount!  The code is valid until December 15th. 

Using the Pixicade colored markers, simply draw your game on paper.


Snap a picture of it in the Pixicade app.


Play your game on your phone or tablet as you watch your creations magically come to life.

Pixicade comes with three books that will help you design your games.  You can even share your games with other gamers anywhere, so they can play them too.  You get 7 game categories with Pixicade (Get The Goals, Maze Maker, Volley Versus, Super Slingshot, Hole In One, Brickbreaker and Paddle Battle) and 8 game catergories with Pixicade Plus (the seven games you get with Pixicade plus Bumper Run).

You can create solo games, or games for head to head play with another player.  Imagine how much your child will have creating games and sharing them with your family.  It will provide hours of family entertainment, and it's good for traveling as well!  

The award winning Pixicade Mobile Game Maker will be a big hit on Christmas morning! 


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