Monday, November 1, 2021

Kids Love Flavored Bubbles

I received this product from Bubble Universe for review.  Bubbles have long been a standard stocking stuffer in my family.  Let's face it, all kids love blowing bubbles.  They love chasing them and trying to catch them.  Sometimes one will land on their face and inevitably burst, filling their mouth with the bitter taste of soap.  But what if bubbles tasted good and were safe to get in your mouth?  That would make kids love them even more! 

Bubble Universe has made premium flavored bubbles for kids!  They're made with food grade ingredients and are perfectly safe to catch on your tongue.  These tasty bubbles in flavors like
Juicy Watermelon Splash, Milk Chocolate Chip, Carnival Cotton Candy and Glazed Cinnamon Roll will have even the adults running around trying to catch them on their tongues.

You can get a Bubble Lick Flavored Bubbles Variety Pack ($34.99) that has a 2.5 oz. bottle of each of the 4 flavors of bubbles. 
Invented and developed by top pediatricians using FDA approved ingredients and Natural Flavors, Bubble Lick will provide kids of all ages with hours of delicious fun.

Even the smallest member of your family can safely join in the fun!  It's like having
your favorite treats in bubble form!  You'll enjoy experiencing bubbles in an entirely new way with these safely lickable, flavored bubbles.

Juicy Watermelon Splash Bubble Lick feels like s
ummertime with pool parties, sunshine and blue skies while you're quenching your thirst with a snow cone. It's a fruity, cool and refined flavor.

Milk Chocolate Chip Bubble Lick is Bubble Universe's
OG flavor.  It will remind you of Mom's freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that would melt in your mouth when you take a bite.  You'll feel like the bottled your childhood.

Carnival Cotton Candy Bubble Lick will take you back to the county fair you visited every summer.  You always had to have one of those
giant pink and blue balls of puffy sweetness that made your face and hands all sticky.  They've captured that flavor in this bottle, without the stickiness.

Glazed Cinnamon Roll Bubble Lick is like a fresh baked, ooey gooey butter frosting cinnamon roll, fresh out of the oven.  It feels like comfort in a bottle.

Kids of all ages will be thrilled to find these flavored bubbles in their Christmas stocking.

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