Thursday, September 2, 2021

A Children's Book To Inspire Confidence and Purpose

I received this book from SemiandMe for review.

My Destiny & Me was written by Shola Awoyode and beautifully illustrated by her 14 year old daughter Simi Awoyode.  This book uses poetry to answer common questions that children often ask themselves.  Questions like "
Who Am I?", "Why Am I Here?", "Where Am I Going?" and "What Will I Be?"  It affirms and encourages child like faith and helps families have conversations about self esteem.  Through the use of simple and powerful words, this book encourages kids to boldly speak self affirming beliefs that will help them realize their God given potential.  My Destiny and Me builds confidence in a fun way, teaches kids to always be themselves and uncovers the path to purpose.

My Destiny & Me is a great book for parents to read with their children.  It can help open up a perfect opportunity for discussions about any insecurities or concerns that your child feels.  You should encourage your child to ask questions, and you should take the opportunity to talk about their talents and dreams. 

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