Friday, July 23, 2021

Unique Kitchen Accessories

I received these products from Servette Home for review.  The new school year is about to start and college students will soon be moving into the dorms or apartments.  Servette Home offers tons of products that are perfect for any home away from home.  I received the following awesome products for this review.

A Salt & Pepper Shaker set is definitely a must have for any kitchen.  These Classic Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Shakers are a perfect choice.  They're priced at $12.99 and come in your choice of colors:  Stainless Steel, Black, Red. Blue, Pink, White or Yellow.  T
his matching pair of stainless steel salt and pepper shakers are glass with a stainless steel silver overlay that reads Salt or Pepper in a beautiful cursive font.  They have screw on lids with small holes that allow you to dispense just the right amount.  They will look great with any kitchen decor.  Each one holds 4 oz of spices and measures 1.75"D x 4.5"H.

This basic Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder is priced at $12.99.  It's great to have on hand while cooking, cleaning and serving.  The footed base keeps it in place on the counter or table, but you can easily move it around when needed.  It measures 6.5"D x 11"H.

The Flower Patterned Plastic Cutting Board is priced at $11.99 and its small size (
8.75"W x 14.5"L) makes it perfect for a small kitchen.  ause it to cut your vegetables, meat, poultry or other food items with ease.  It has raised edges to prevent drips and slipping, and the handle makes it easy to carry and store.  It's made of durable thick plastic and you can use both sides as a chopping surface.  For clean up, just throw it in the dishwasher for big messes, or wipe clean for small ones.

This Silicone Multi Spoon Rest will keep you stove and counters clean while you cook.  You can choose from three colors:  Black, Grey and Red.  With a price of $7.99, you might want to get one in each color!  It has 4 slots where you can place up to four spoons, spatulas or other utensils while cooking, keeping them all in one place within easy reach.  It has a wide drip pad at the bottom with raised edges to catch any liquid spills or drips.  And when the cooking is done, cleanup is a breeze!  You can hand wash it or just throw it in the dishwasher.  It's made of non slip, BPA free silicone and is heat resistant.

This Wooden Shelf With Three Ceramic Olive Branch Canisters is priced at $19.99.  You can easily store coffee, tea, sugar or other condiments in the three small canisters.  Each canister has hand painted olive branch designs embossed on the side lid.  You can set the shelf right on the kitchen counter for a true country style kitchen look, or hang it on the wall.  The shelf measures 4.25"L x 12.25"W x 3.25"H and the canisters each measure 3.5"D x 3.25"H.  It makes a stylish addition to any kitchen!

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