Saturday, July 24, 2021

Invisible Face Mask

I received this product from Mingle Mask for review.  As children and teachers prepare to return to school, there are conflicting views on whether or not they should wear masks.  Many schools have announced that masks will no longer be required.  For those parents and teachers who prefer masks, Mingle Mask is a great choice.

For $57.99 (regularly $62.99) you can get a box of 50 masks with 100 ear loop strings.  But this doesn't hide your face like the average mask does. 
Mingle Mask is an invisible, ergonomic mask that shows your face, yet still provides the benefits of mask protection.  You can breathe easy - because it doesn't fog up.  One size fits everyone.  It fits comfortably around your ears and has a built in chin rest.

Because the mask is clear,  people will see your smile.  You will be more recognizable because your whole face will be visible.  This will greatly improve the interaction between children, because they will be able to see the facial expressions of the person wearing the mask.

The mask covers the face and nose, making it easier to breathe and talk, while providing a plastic barrier that will stop the wearer from spreading droplets to other people.  It won't smear your lipstick and lets air circulate to keep your face cool.  And it's easy to clean between uses.  So if you prefer to continue wearing a mask, or want your children to do so at school, the Mingle Mask is a good choice.  It's the perfect way to gradually transition back to normal life.

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