Monday, June 14, 2021

Versatile and Durable Portable WiFi Solution

I received this product from GlocalMe for review.  If your Dad needs a reliable portable WiFi solution, this product would be a great Father's Day Gift for him.  It's also a must have for your summer travels.

TriForce is the one device you need to ensure the best and most stable internet connection, even in remote areas.  This
tough mobile WiFi hotspot provides you with the most reliable 4G LTE connection for any situation... no matter when or where.  This highly versatile device is also a power bank with 3 output ports and a hard casing that makes it rugged enough to take anywhere.  It's the most reliable companion you could have to keep you connected, consistently. 

You can choose between USB-C, lightning and Micro USB for recharging, and the power bank function provides universal compatibility with iPhones, Android phones, ipad, tablets and more.  With this exceptional adaptability, it can perfectly meet all of your needs when you're on the go.  It also has a long lasting 7,000mAh battery pack which provides one full phone charge and up to 28hrs of WiFi sharing with up to 10 smart devices.  This allows you to stay connected for an extended period of time without relying on wall plugs.

GlocalMe TriForce uses a patented CloudSIM technology to allow SIM free connectivity, supporting pay-as-you-go and smart-choice for best network connection, letting you avoid roaming free services without needing a contract.  The wide coverage, stability and efficiency of this advanced technology means you can have internet connection at home, outdoors and around the world.  GlocalMe offers coverage in 140+ countries.  This mobile hotspot device will automatically search the local mobile signal and locate the best network to use.

GlocalMe offers multiple data plans that you can choose from depending on your needs.  You can purchase plans by the day, month, region or GB.  And you can manage your data intelligently with the user friendly app to buy data packages or use it simply to track the detailed interaction with the data.  

You get all of this from a device that will easily slip into your pocket.  You'll love having reliable internet connection no matter where you are, and you'll never want to be caught without it again.

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